UCG-Mogućnost prakse i sezonskog zaposlenja u kompaniji Boka Gardens @www.ucg.ac.me

University of Montenegro Jobs Practice and Seasonal Jobs at Boka Gardens. UCG-Mogućnost prakse i sezonskog zaposlenja u kompaniji Boka Gardens @www.ucg.ac.me


UCG-Mogućnost prakse i sezonskog zaposlenja u kompaniji Boka Gardens @www.ucg.ac.me

Turistički centar Boka Gardens Seaside Resort (www.bokagardensresort.com) nudi svim studentima mogućnost prakse, kao i sezonskog zaposlenja tokom ljetnje sezone.

Studenti se mogu prijaviti na sljedećim pozicijama: administrator/ka (dvije pozicije), baštovan/ka (četiri pozicije), sobar/ica (jedna pozicija), konobar/ica (dvije pozicije), recepcioner/ka (dvije pozicije), higijeničar/ka.

U prilogu su detaljni opisi dostupnih pozicija.

Dodatne informacije o turističkom kompleksu i poslovima možete dobiti putem email adrese [email protected] i [email protected].

University of Montenegro Jobs Practice and Seasonal Jobs at Boka Gardens UCG-Mogućnost prakse i sezonskog zaposlenja u kompaniji Boka Gardens @www.ucg.ac.me

Tourist center Boka Gardens Seaside Resort (www.bokagardensresort.com) offers to students the opportunity for practice and seasonal employment during the summer season.

Students can apply for the following positions: administrator (two positions), gardener (four positions), housekeeper (one position), waiter (two positions), receptionist (two positions) and hygienist.

Attached you can find detailed descriptions of available positions.

Additional information about the tourist complex and jobs are available via email address [email protected] and [email protected] .

UCG-Mogućnost prakse i sezonskog zaposlenja u kompaniji Boka Gardens @www.ucg.ac.me


  • allows you to gain skills and experience in a number of ways
  • allows you to show what you can do
  • allows you to make some contacts in the world of ‘work’
  • allows you to obtain a reference
  • allows you the opportunity to learn how the work world works
  • allows you to take some ‘real’ experience back to the classroom and apply to the lessons
  • allows you to try out some of your own ideas
  • allows you to learn what employers look for in an employee
  • allows you to make some money
  • allows you find out what you are or are not good at
  • allows you to learn how to manage your money
  • allows you to obtain different types of experiences, which assists how well-rounded a
    candidate you are when applying for a permanent job
  • allows you the opportunity to communicate, work in a team, solve problems, initiative
  • allows for valuable lessons on responsibility and life – show up on time, do a job that
    might not be ‘fun’
  • allows you to demonstrate ‘stick-to-it-ness’, known as persistence
  • allows for experience in filling in application forms
  • allows opportunities for managing your time
  • allows you experience in dealing with last minute changes
  • allows you to practice your job hunting skills

Apply on Montenegro University Website


The University of Montenegro was founded on 29 April 1974, when three faculties (Faculty of Economics, of Engineering and the Faculty of Law from Titograd), two colleges (Teaching College and Maritime Studies College) and three independent scientific institutes (for History, for Agriculture and for Biological and Medical Research), signed an Agreement on Association into the University in Titograd. A year after it was founded, it changed its name into the University ”Veljko Vlahović”, and since 1992 it has its present name. The seat of the University of Montenegro is in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro.

The University of Montenegro is situated in ten Montenegrin towns: Podgorica, Nikšic, Cetinje, Kotor, Herceg Novi, Bar, Bijelo Polje, Budva, Pljevlja and Berane and includes 20 faculties, three institutes and two independent study programmes.


    • Faculty of Economics – Podgorica
    • Law Faculty – Podgorica
    • Faculty of Electrical Engineering – Podgorica
    • Faculty of Metallurgy and Technology – Podgorica
    • Faculty of Civil Engineering – Podgorica
    • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – Podgorica
    • Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics – Podgorica
    • Faculty of Medicine – Podgorica
    • Faculty of Philosophy – Nikšić
    • Faculty of Fine Arts – Cetinje
    • Faculty of Drama – Cetinje
    • Music Academy – Cetinje
    • Faculty of Maritime Studies – Kotor
    • Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management – Kotor
    • Faculty of Applied Physiotherapy – Igalo, Herceg Novi
    • Faculty of Political Sciences – Podgorica
    • Faculty of Architecture – Podgorica
    • Faculty of Biotechnology – Podgorica
    • Faculty for Sport and Physical Education – Nikšić
    • Faculty of  Pharmacy – Podgorica
  • Independet study programme Geodesy* – Podgorica
    *Independent study programme Geodesy does not admit students into undergraduate studies,
    but provides teaching at postgraduate and master studies
  • Teacher Training in Albanian language – Podgorica

A number of study programmes are being realized at the faculties which offer numerous diverse possibilities for training of students.

The University includes three scientific institutes as well:

    • Institute for Maritime Biology – Kotor
    • Institute for Foreign Languages – Podgorica
    • Institute for History – Podgorica

The University Library and the Information Technology Centre (CIS) function as parts of the University.



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