ISLE of Man Police Recruitment 2021 IOM Constabulary Jobs

ISLE of Man Police Recruitment 2021 IOM Constabulary Jobs. IOM Constabulary Recruitment. IOM Police recruitment 2021. Upcoming Jobs in ISLE of Man Police.

Job Seekers who are looking for ISLE of Man Police Recruitment, Good news for them because of ISLE of Man Police Recruitment 2021 Going to recruits for IOM Constabulary Recruitment Jobs. We are updating here details for IOM Police recruitment 2021 & Upcoming Jobs in ISLE of Man Police

Isle of Man Constabulary

Isle Police Headquarters Address & Contact
Dukes Avenue
Isle of Man

Telephone:  +44 1624 631212

Email:  [email protected]

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ISLE of Man Police Recruitment 2021 IOM Constabulary Jobs

Candidates who wants to Apply for ISLE of Man Police Recruitment 2021. They need to know first Requirement of IOM Constabulary Recruitment 2021. We are povides for you the details of IOM Police recruitment 2021 Requirement details. Candidates advised that they should check all the details of ISLE of Man Police Recruitment 2021 before apply.

 IOM Constabulary Recruitment Recruitment Process

The Isle of Man Constabulary use a five part assessment procedure to assess the suitability of the individual as a police officer. The assessment is focused on the Constabulary’s 6 Core values, which are: Caring, Professionalism, Challenge, Service, Respect, Responsibility.

  • Part 1: All candidates must submit an application form with the following documents:
     a medical history form
     an eyesight test form
    Once all these forms are satisfactorily completed they are held on file until notification is made for part 2.
  • Part 2: Candidates must pass the Police Initial Recruitment Fitness Test. (An information sheet is available which explains the test).
  • Part 3: Applicants who pass the fitness test will be invited to attend a further assessment, during which their reasoning, observation, English language, and inter-personal skills are assessed.
  • Part 4: Successful candidates will be asked to supply their original certificates prior to attendance at a one day assessment centre which is held at Ard Whallan. This will involve taking part in a number of tests and scenarios, all related to police work, during which the final assessment is made.
  • Part 5: Successful candidates from Part 4 will be asked to complete a form for security vetting and attend and pass a full medical examination conducted by the Constabulary’s Medical Examiner.

Training for IOM Police recruitment 2021

As a new recruit or ‘Student Officer’, you will be given the training necessary to equip you for the job. All police officers attend an Initial Training Course and serve a probationary period of two years during which they must complete a higher education policing qualification in line with WBIS. The current training programme is as follows:

  • Stage 1: 14 weeks of initial training, held in the Isle of Man at the Constabulary’s Staff Development Centre.
  • Stage 2: 10 weeks of supervised patrol with a tutor constable attached to the Central Neighbourhood Policing Team. During this period officers are assessed for suitability for independent patrol.
  • Stage 3: 1 week classroom based training, in preparation for independent patrol. Following this, officers attend a 2 week Police Emergency Response Driving Course
  • Stage 4: Independent patrol with continuous assessment by your supervisors.
  • Stage 5: A further 22 days locally based training during the remainder of the two year probationary period which is spent operationally in a Neighbourhood PolicingTeam in the Isle of Man.

Pay and Conditions for ISLE of Man Police Recruitment 2021

Constables begin on £22,221 during initial training, and then move to £23,229 after one year. Further increments usually follow on an annual basis. Top of the pay scale for Constables is currently £36,885 (Pay rates with effect from 1st September 2013).

Pension: for ISLE of Man Police Recruitment 2021

Under the current optional police pension scheme, the earliest date that a pension can be paid is 55. However 35 years’ service is required for a maximum pension which is an annual payment of half of final pay, plus a lump sum. The final pension can take account of pay in the period up to 10 years prior to retirement, if this would give a bigger pension.

Each year of pensionable service gives entitlement to a pension of 1/70th of final pay, up to a limit of 35/70th. Pension payments are deductible at source.
Please note that as a result of recent reports commissioned by the UK Government, police pay, current terms and conditions and pensions are under review and may be subject to change.
Housing: Private housing arrangements must be approved by the Chief Constable.

If you decide to apply:- ISLE of Man Police Recruitment 2021

Take the time to consider the above information and present your
application and details in the manner specified.
Further Information and careers advice is available from either:-

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ISLE of Man Police Recruitment 2021 Address & Contact

Isle of Man Constabulary
Organisational Development Department
Police Headquarters
Dukes Avenue
Isle of Man, IM2 4RG
Telephone 01624 631547
Sergeant Adrian Shimmin
Constable Steve Tate
Constable Stuart Barker
Telephone: 631540, 631537 or 631542

ISLE of Man Police Recruitment 2021 About The Department

ISLE of Man Police Recruitment 2021 IOM Constabulary Jobs- The Isle of Man Constabulary Central Alcohol Unit was formed in 2002. Born out of both the results of the then Chief Ministers Drug & Alcohol strategy of the latter part of the prior decade and the Licensing Amendment Act of 2001, which amongst other amendments, totally removed regulated licensing hours ; the benefits of a dedicated team to forge and maintain links across Government and the hospitality industry on the Island was recognised.

Prior to this time whilst it was, and still is, the responsibility of the various neighbourhood policing teams around the island to visit and build working relationships with the licensed premises in their area the only real contact above that level was that one of the then Prosecution Sergeants would attend the Licensing Courts as and when required.

The newly formed Central Alcohol Unit headed by then Sergeant (later Inspector) Ken Kneale quickly sought out methods of best practice on the Island and beyond and worked to both bolster existing and to establish new links and working partnerships within the hospitality industry, the public and across the breadth of Government.

To this day the original principles established then to keep the community safe remain and form the basis of the work carried out by the Unit these being:-

  • Working to minimise the harms of alcohol
  • Working to establish and maintain partnerships
  • Offer education on Licensing and Alcohol related matters both within and outside of the Police.
  • Where required enforce the relevant Licensing legislation or offer guidance on correct and appropriate procedure to the Police and other agencies.

The Unit is based within the Multi Agency Public Protection Unit at 3rd Floor, The Old Police Station, Lord Street in Douglas, and the team are: Sergeant Alan Shimmin, Constable Dave Trevethan, Mrs Debbie Bridson & Mr Darren Bradford.

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