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Florida Police Jobs for Certified police officer jobs in Florida

Florida Police Jobs – Good news for Aspirants who are waiting for police officer jobs in Florida Police Department. Florida police hiring for Police officer jobs. Candidate can check here all Florida police jobs requirements. And Also Check here for All Details about Police jobs in Florida non certified. Florida police jobs salary, Certified police officer jobs in Florida, Federal law enforcement jobs in Florida,  Florida sheriff jobs and Florida police jobs salary is given below section.


Police jobs in Florida non certified or Certified police officer jobs in Florida for My Florida police jobs

Department Florida:Police Department
Job Title Police Officer
Opening Date/Time: update soon
Salary $47,154.34 – $70,731.51 Annually
Job Type Full Time
Location North Port, Florida

Florida Police Jobs Salary for Police Officer

The Florida Police Jobs Salary- The annually salary for police officer in police Department of Florida Police is $47,154.34 – $70,731.51 Annually.

General Description for Florida Police Jobs

Please Note: You must complete all the minimum qualifications listed below and submit the supporting documents listed below or your application will be rejected.

Is considered as a police officer with the northern port city, please follow the steps

In the Criminal Justice Basic Ability Test (CJBAT), the applicant will get 70% or more points. This examination is expensive for the applicant. CJBAT is offered in community and four-year colleges, technical institutes and private testing centers throughout the United States. To schedule your trial, you should contact your nearest testing place. If you have successfully completed CJBAT before, the results will be accepted four years after the date of testing.

 Florida police jobs requirements to Florida Police Hiring for Police Officer

  • If you have an Associated Degree or more from an accredited college or currently a Florida law enforcement certified officer, then you will not need to take CJBAT.
  1. Complete the necessary city of North Port employment at www.cityofnorthport.com. All information provided on your application (as well as in all other stages of the employment process) should be accurate, current, accurate and without lapse.
  2. Submit your assistant documentation with your online application. If you do not submit legible copies of the documents listed below, then the employment application will not be complete. If all the necessary documents have not been enclosed electronically with your application, then applications will not be processed. The documents must be uploaded before submitting the application. The supporting documents can not be uploaded after application is submitted.

Supporting Documents for Florida Police Hiring

    • Supporting Documents:
      1. CJBAT results with a passing score of 70% or better.
        • The CJBAT is waived with submission of a certified transcript for those applicants with an Associate Degree or higher or those currently a Florida Law Enforcement Officer.
        • Transcript for those with an Associates Degree or higher (in order to waive the CJBAT)
      2. One of the following:
        • Valid Florida Law Enforcement Certificate (in order to waive the CJBAT), or
        • Proof you are Law Enforcement Certified in another state and eligible to attend an Equivalency of Training (EOT), or
        • Proof you are currently enrolled in a Florida Law Enforcement academy with at least 50% of the curriculum completed

Essential Job Functions for Florida Police Hiring

Essential job function are given in the below section for Florida police hiring a police officer position. Check all Job function for Florida police Jobs as a Police officer.

  • Meets all standards of police officer as defined above.
  • Practices a “problem oriented” policing philosophy.
  • Processes complaints and investigations involving the enforcement of all laws and codes and any violations thereof.
  • Demonstrates continuous effort to improve operations and to provide a high level of customer service.
  • Carries out orders received from superior officers.
  • Updates supervisor of activities while on duty.
  • Submits accurate reports depicting actual facts of an investigation as it transpired.
  • Renders first aid to the injured as needed.
  • Prepares for and testifies in court proceedings, both civil and criminal resulting from previous cases as necessary.
  • Maintains Department equipment as assigned

Knowledge/Skills/Abilities for Florida Police Jobs as a Police officer

  • Knowledge and / or ability to learn: Department and City Rules and Laws, Florida State Statutes (Civil and Criminal), City Code, Geographic Layout and City Borderline, Civil Liberty, English Language, Punctuation, Spelling and Grammar References.
  • According to state laws, city codes and departmental rules and regulations, the ability to make decisions, as well as the operation and maintenance of the department’s tools, maintaining good public relations, making division decisions and maintaining a professional image.
  • Must be proficient in the operation of all assigned equipment, including computers, automobiles, firearms and non-lethal weapons.
  • Commercials Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the general public.

Education, Experience, Licenses and Certifications: required for Florida Police Hiring

  • Bachelor of High School or Acceptable equivalent Diploma Occupation Be at least twenty one (21) years and a citizen of the United States.
  • Having good moral character with no arrest (s) or misconceptions related to moral character, domestic violence and disturbances of false statements.
  • Candidates must pass all background checks along with successful passage of drug test, polygraph test and psychological assessment.

(A comparable amount of training, education or experience may be substituted for the above qualifications.)

Licenses and Certifications: required for Florida Police Hiring

Ability to obtain the license of a valid Florida driver by the date of the hire, or the current law enforcement certificate issued by the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission or currently at least 50% of the completed enrollment in the Florida Police Academy or any other state In law enforcement certified and qualified for an equivalent training (EOT)). 
(Training, education and / or experience can be compared to the above qualification.)
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