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Candidates who are looking for AFP Recruitment good news for them because of Australian Federal Police Jobs (AFP Jobs) Available right now. Candidates can check here for AFP Entry level recruitment & AFP Recruitment process. We will Update you for Upcoming Australian Federal Police Job Opportunity. 

Check here for Latest & Upcoming Huge AFP Recruitment 2019-2020. AFP Recruitment For All State in Australia. You should check first all the AFP Recruitment process for How to became a Police Officer in AFP.

Understand the Role for AFP Jobs

AFP Police Recruitment Role of Police officer

What does a police officer do? Police officer duties are diverse, exciting and sometimes challenging. After completion of recruitment training at AFP College in Canberra, you will:

  • Examine the violations of the law by using contemporary police functioning.
  • Assess information or evidence available to determine appropriate law enforcement responses.
  • Interview of witnesses and suspects during the investigation.
  • Proof, prepared and presented for the aid of judicial process Please contact with the planning agencies, participate in the court and give evidence as required.
  • Maintain knowledge and understanding about the social effects of criminal justice system components of police and police.

Roles are present in ACT Police, AFP’s Community Police Branch in Canberra. Police officer is the first point of contact for the public, which requires police assistance in the act. After your initial recruitment training, you will usually stay in ACT police, unless you get basic skills, knowledge and experience to go to other potential career streams like community safety, criminal investigation, traffic management and intelligence information. Take it

AFP Recruitment 2019 Eligibility

Before you apply, check that you meet the AFP’s minimum requirements.

To be eligible for entry level police officer and protective service officer roles, you must meet the minimum requirements at the time of application.

Applicants who do not conduct a test or who do not meet the requirements of these pre-engagement clearance procedures can not be attached by AFP.

All applicants must:

  • Keep Australian citizenship and provide required documents.
  • Keep age valid for 18 years or more. Keep a valid driver’s license.
  • Provisional (P Plates) and automatic (only) licenses will be accepted. Complete and submit employment qualification questionnaire. The evaluation of the employment suitability questionnaire is done against our published Employment Character Guidelines.
  • For each state or region, provide a copy of your current traffic history (from the local motor registry), where the driver’s license is held.
  • Traffic history should not be more than three months old at the time of submitting its application. One year 12 education, or 10 years with a business certificate or year 10 with a certificate IV and / or equivalent. Tertiary qualification is also welcomed.
  • Educational certification should be uploaded in the recruitment system. To physically complete AFF fitness assessment and to meet the physical needs of the training program, in physically fit and excellent health

Additional requirements for AFP Jobs Role of Police officer

As you progress through the recruitment process, you will also be:

  • On request, it is necessary to provide a Senior Primary Medical Certificate (present for the entire training program period).
  • 100 meter Freestyle non-stop and capable of swimming in unexpected (proof of this matter will be required on AFP form).
  • Providing a fingerprint sample It is necessary to undergo a security clearance and the AFP’s illegal drug-free Task Force policy (before your engagement) is ready.
  • Doors should be tested for illegal drugs.

Medical requirements for AFP Jobs for Police officer 

To participate in the admission to the Physical Qualification Assessment, it is necessary to provide an AFP medical certificate (from your doctor) before you evaluate. Unless you maintain any injury or illness, the validity of three (3) months from the date of issue of medical certificate.

AFP will provide recruitment advice when this certificate is required. No need to submit at the time of application. Download PCA Information and Medical Certificate and take this form in your medical appointment. No other certificate template will be accepted.

AFP Entrance Test dates and locations in 2019.

City August 2019 October 2019
Adelaide Friday 30 August Saturday 26 October
Alice Springs Friday 30 August Saturday 26 October
Brisbane Friday 30 August Saturday 26 October
Canberra Friday 30 August
Saturday 31 August
Friday 11 October
Saturday 12 October
Darwin TBC TBC
Melbourne Saturday 31 August Saturday 26 October
Perth Friday 30 August Saturday 26 October
Sydney Saturday 17 August Saturday 12 October
Townsville TBC TBC

 AFP Police Recruitment Process

In the below section we are providing details of AFP Police recruitment Process. The AFP Police Recruitment Process is following:-

Step one: Register your interest

Register your interest in a Protective Service Officer or Police role.  It is really easy! Simply provide us with some background information and answer a few questions.

  • Commence the Entry Assessments.
  • Fitness Assessment
  • AFP Entrance Exam
Step Two: Upon successful completion of the fitness assessment and Entrance Exam, you will be invited to apply!
  • Complete a detailed application
  • The Online Video Interview
  • Advantages of Video Interviews
    • enables applicants to focus on responses to questions not how the interviewer may be responding to them
    • Its more convenient.  Applicants can record their responses in a more relaxed environment – this is great for helping with nerves!
    • It enables applicants to complete the interview at a time that suits them.  In turn, this helps when people are juggling work, family and education commitments
    • all applicants are asked the exact same questions with the same time limitations for responses
  • Step three

    Medical and psychological assessment.

    Step four

    Security assessment (at the level of Negative Vetting Level 1), drug testing and fingerprinting.

    Step five

    Entry Recruit Assessment Centre – validation centre

The AFP Jobs fitness assessment includes:

Do you have an appropriate level of fitness? Police officers and protective service officers must have appropriate level of fitness to do the necessary duties in a satisfactory manner.

If you are using fitness assessments for a fit, active and healthy lifestyle, then there should not be a healthy lifestyle problem to meet our minimum requirements.

A six-week pre-course fitness program (PPDF, 590KB) has been developed to help prepare you for fitness testing and to meet the demands of physical training in AFP College. Video fitness evaluations are available on the Gateway page to ensure that you have the right technique for sit-ups, push-ups and beep tests.

  • Beep Test (6.5)
  • Push–ups (on your toes, with a 90deg angle in the elbow, 5cm from the ground) and
  • Phased sit-ups.

The entry benchmarks are:

Male Female Gender X
Beep Test
(20m shuttle run)
6.5 6.5 Assessed on a case
by case basis
(90 degree angle in elbow, 5cm from ground)
15 8 Assessed on a case
by case basis
Sit-ups Level 4 Level 4 Level 4

All entry level recruits must successfully pass each component of the EPCA in one testing session. If you are applying, it’s a good idea to start your fitness training now.

If you progress to training at the college, all recruits must pass the Physical Competency Assessment (PCA) which includes an increased number of push-ups and is considered to be the standard AFP fitness level.

These benchmarks are:

Male Female Gender X
Beep Test
(20m shuttle run)
6.5 6.5 Assessed on a case
by case basis
(90 degree angle in elbow, 5cm from ground)
30 15 Assessed on a case
by case basis
Sit-ups Level 4 Level 4 Level 4

AFP Police Recruitment Role of Protective Service Officer

Protective Service Officers (PSOs) provide high visibility protective protection and first response capability for commonwealth interest in Australia, such as operation in Australia on Parliament Building and several defense sites in Canberra. PSOs also provide security protection to the diplomatic community. As members of AFP, PSOs are law enforcement officers who use legal powers and are eligible to use force in pursuance of their security duties:

  • Undertake national protective security and first response operations in accordance with standard operating procedures, policies and other instructions;
  • Assess available information or evidence and determining appropriate law enforcement response(s);
  • Report, input, collate and retrieve data for operational purposes; and
  • Maintain cooperative relationships with internal and external stakeholders and the public.

What Is tour role AS A Protective Service officer in AFP Jobs

In AFP, there are protective service officers posted in every Australian state and region except Tasmania. Accepting the offer of employment as a PSO, you accept your initial placement within the geographical location, which will be determined by the Commissioner in response to operational requirements. There are several stations in the Act and NSW which can be assigned to you.

On graduation from a protective service officer program, you will be sworn in by the AFP Commissioner in the graduation ceremony. You then start your career as a protective service officer in the AFP.

You will be assigned a station, a report will be given for duty and a station induction will be completed. While the role of the Protective Service is the same where you can be assigned, each station has a unique operating environment.

Roles are available in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne and remote locations such as Alice Springs (NT), Exmouth and Geraldton (WA).

For more information visit the Your job as a Protective Service Officer page. Please note some opportunities for Protective Service Officers also exist in remote locations. To hear from Protective Service Officers currently working in remote locations visit the Protection Operations remote stations podcasts page.

Tips for AFP Recruitment

We have made the recruitment process simple and possible and you can choose when you undertake some of the required assessment gateways, at a time that suits you.

To help you prepare, here are some hints and tips:

  • Understand the position you want to be considered for (see the cadidate information packs at the top of this page).
  • Read the recruit training programs.
  • Start fitness training now! Down load the 6 week pre-course fitness program and supporting documents found on the website to help prepare you for the fitness assessment. While you will need to meet the entry level standards of the fitness assessment during the recruitment process, you will be expected to meet the standards of a Physical Competency Assessment whilst at the College.
  • Practice for the Entrance Exam or purchase some materials that will assist you. There are free resources online.
  • Preparation is essential! Ensure that you are well rested and avoid alcohol before undertaking any of the gateways
  • Complete your detailed application when invited.  The sooner that you provide the required information the earlier Recruitment will be able to contact you and advise of next steps.
  • Contact the Recruitment Team if you have specific questions – the team are on hand to assist you and provide you with the correct advice! We will also be in regular contact with you over the course of the recruitment process

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